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My job is to generate the press coverage. So that’s, these days, not just print and broadcast, it’s massively online as well, and specialist press across the board. And every production’s individual, so you need to look at its component parts - look at where your audience lies and then make up a campaign around that.” 

Press & Public Relations


A Press Manager devises and leads marketing campaigns to promote a production or venue.


Key Skills

  • Networking to establish a broad base of contacts within the media – journalists, TV and radio producers, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
  • Good people skills, managing a range of personalities.


A typical career pathway is to work within the Press Department of a larger theatre, starting as a Press Assistant and progressing to Press Officer then Manager. Some Press Managers become producers. The best experience you can gain is on-the-job. 



  • BA Drama & Theatre Studies & Marketing – Liverpool Hope University Click Here

Other courses are available. Those above represent a sample from various drama schools and universities.


  • Planning and developing bespoke publicity campaigns for clients, from individual artists to companies, theatres and specific shows.
  • To secure the appropriate coverage for a client, in print and online publications, broadcast and specialist press, ensuring maximum exposure for them and their product.
  • Being sensitive to the needs of individual clients and productions, and working closely with them and their marketing teams to implement an effective campaign.
  • Preparing clients for different types of interviews – print, online and broadcast - to enable them to get the best from the interview and maximise the potential of it in terms of impact on the box office.
  • Collating and supplying clients with coverage for archive.

Further Reading

A wide range of publications – newspapers, magazines, etc.