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MGCfutures Complaints Procedure


Should you need to raise any concerns with MGCfutures

All feedback may be sent to MGCfutures at 4th Floor, Wyndham’s Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London or by email to

Verbal complaints may be made via the MGC office – 0203 5827210.


Resolving complaints – Stage one

All complaints will receive an initial acknowledgement response within three working days (or a response within five working days where further information is required before it is possible to respond). This will identify a timescale for further investigation and for the complaint to be fully responded to.

All complaints will be fully resolved within fifteen working days and this will be communicated to the complainant along with a summary of all steps taken to investigate and/or resolve the issue.

Some complex complaints may take longer to resolve and may be complex enough to require investigation beyond the fifteen working days target. Where there are clear and justifiable reasons for extending the timescale, MGCfutures will set a time limit on any extended investigation. The complainant will be kept up-to-date with the reason(s) for the delay and be given a revised timescale for bringing the investigation to a conclusion.


Resolving complaints – Stage two

If the complainant feels that the issue has not been satisfactorily resolved at Stage One they can request that the complaint is reviewed at Board level. At this stage the complaint will be passed initially to the Chairman of the Board, who may choose to delegate the matter to another Board member as he/she sees fit.

The request for a Board level review will be acknowledged to the complainant within one week.

The nominated board member will review the paperwork and speak with relevant individuals.

All complaints at this level will be fully resolved and a written response provided within twenty working days and this will be communicated to the complainant along with a summary of all steps taken to investigate and/or resolve the issue.

The decision taken at this stage will be final, unless the Board decides it is appropriate to seek external assistance with the resolution, and will be communicated by the Chairman or another Board Member.  The Board may at its discretion approach an independent person to assist, and if so this will be communicated to the complainant.


Resolving complaints - external stage

The complainant can complain to the Charity Commission at any stage.  Information about the kind of complaints the Commission can involve itself in can be found on their website –


Variation of the complaints procedure

The Board may vary the complaints procedure for good reason. This may be deemed necessary to avoid a conflict of interest or where a complainant cannot be contacted, for example.


Reasons for not responding to complaints

For reasons including but not limited to resourcing, cost and efficiency, there may be exceptional occasions where MGCfutures chooses not to respond to a complaint it receives. These include when:


Monitoring and learning from complaints

Complaints are reviewed annually to identify any trends that may indicate a need to take further action.



Wherever possible, MGCfutures will respect a complainant’s confidentiality and keep the complaint confidential as far as possible. Any information about the complaint will as far as possible be shared only with those who need to know in order to help resolve it.

There may however be occasions where MGCfutures cannot provide absolute confidentiality. This may for example arise in circumstances where a child or vulnerable adult may be at risk of harm. In these circumstances any relevant information will be shared with others concerned in the safety and welfare of service users.