Clarissa Widya

Producer | 2022 Bursary

head and shoulders portrait
Clarissa Widya

The bursary will assist Clarissa’s professional development as a Producer of British East and Southeast Asian work.

Since receiving the bursary…

“The MGCfutures Bursary has given me time to balance as a producer and a parent. It has allowed me to keep the infrastructure of a company that supports British East and South East Asian artists and through which I currently produce most of work. It has allowed me to fundraise for projects as it has acted as seed funding or match funding to support: Dreamers at Omnibus Theatre in 2022, A Bouffon Play About Hong Kong by Isabella Leung at HOME Manchester in 2023 and Aiyaa by Lucia Tong at Omnibus Theatre in 2023.”

“I have recently worked on Violet by Enxi Chang at the Pleasance Theatre and currently working on Asian Pirate Musical at the Pleasance Theatre.”

A Bouffon Play About Hong Kong, HOME Manchester (2023)

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