2019 Bursary

The fourth round of Bursaries in 2019 saw awards made to 23 theatre makers

They represented a wide range of disciplines, from composers and directors to Lighting Designers and Production Managers.

2019 Bursary Recipients

About the 2019 Bursaries

“I am so grateful to MGCfutures for awarding me a bursary… This gave me the chance to learn from the amazing director Kirsty Housley and opened up loads more opportunities for me to assist, and also to direct myself. It really, really helped kick start my career as a director.”

Kaleya Baxe, Director

2019 also saw collaborations between MGCfutures and the following organisations: English Touring Theatre, supporting their first Assistant Production Manager placement; the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill, supporting two Assistant Director roles; and Deafinitely Theatre, supporting their pioneering HUB project, providing accessible theatre training for deaf people.

The fourth round also saw the first bursary awarded in memory of Costume Supervisor Stephanie Arditti. Twan Lentjes received funding to purchase embroidery software to help him make period theatrical costumes.

Special thanks are due to MGCfutures’ donors and supporters for making the 2019 awards possible.