2023 Bursary

We are delighted to announce the 15 theatre makers receiving bursaries this year

They represent a wide range of disciplines, from writers to directors and producers to lighting and costume designers, plus MGCfutures’ very first puppet maker and theatrical shoemaker.

“I’m grateful to be awarded the MGCfutures Bursary. As someone on a personal journey – exploring how my faith can inform and inspire my work in theatre – this bursary will help me to take ownership of the stories I wish to tell, particularly about the Muslim woman. It’s great to see organisations recognising the importance of diverse voices in the arts.”


“The MGCfutures bursary is such a special scheme because it truly centres theatre artists’ personal and artistic growth. This investment in me and my play A Tale of Us will be transformative. Their commitment to my writing and development is a huge confidence boost. Thank you so much to MGCfutures for this incredible support.”


This year, MGCfutures has collaborated with The Other Room in Cardiff to create a 12-month placement as the venue’s first in-house Technical and Production Manager. The role has been filled by Carys-Haf Williams and will be mentored by the theatre’s Artistic Director, Dan Jones – himself a previous MGCfutures bursary recipient – and Nia Thompson, Production Manager for National Theatre Wales. Carys-Haf will also receive additional mentoring support from MGCfutures.

The seventh round also included two bursaries awarded in memory of Costume Supervisor Stephanie Arditti. Theatrical shoemaker Nicola Holter will take her first steps in filling a much needed gap in the UK theatre industry and Alice Ortona Coles will develop her skills in costume design for dancers through an R&D exploring the intersections between dance, costume and theatre. These awards are generously supported by designer Christopher Oram.

We remain grateful to MGCfutures Patron Nicole Kidman for supporting the charity for three consecutive years. Nicole Kidman has a special interest in building the profile of women in the theatre industry.

Special thanks are also due to the Theatre Community Fund for their generous support of the seventh round.