Ghost Chan

Digital/Theatre Maker | 2021 Bursary

This bursary will enable Ghost Chan to develop Minute Moonshine, an alternative reality game aiming to combine artwork with non-linear storytelling.

Since receiving the bursary…

“As a multidisciplinary performance artist and creative technologist, I have successfully presented various cultural and social projects and continued my research on interactive and immersive spectator experiences, notably as part of Ghost and John and Hidden Keileon CIC. These include Bitter Moves Sweet Truths, a multimedia production shortlisted for Untapped Award 2023; Radio Neighbourhood, a dance drama on migrants’ experiences awarded by the Ideas and Pioneers Fund 2022 from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation; and Thousand Papers, a community installation project on letters from jailed activists. As a social entrepreneur, I co-founded Hidden Keileon CIC with five other colleagues, a non-profit enterprise experimenting with cultural programmes alongside migrants and queer people to imagine futures with freedom and justice for all. In November 2022, we presented Paradoxical Gasp, an experimental event on the history of tear gas with the Bloomsbury Festival.”

An Evening With Two Plant Gays was recently presented under Ghost and John at the Pleasance Theatre through Futures Festival 2023, with sketches previously presented at Omnibus Theatre and Camden People’s Theatre. We are looking at further developing this funny yet reflective theatre piece with dance, dialogues, live feed video and projection, and bringing it on a tour. Entwine – The Avocado Sculptures was exhibited for the first time at Holborn Library with the Bloomsbury Festival 2023. Inspired by Bonsai and Penjing, the avocado plants are pruned and decorated with writings, hoisted on a platform resembling an island. The work symbolises collaboration between humans and nature, connecting the past and the present. We plan to exhibit the installation at more locations in the future.”

Bitter Moves Sweet Truths

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