Marketing Manager

Get insights from Marketing Manager Tom Littlechild

“What my role involves is a very broad series of activities, looking after every element of the marketing and advertising campaign.”

Tom Littlechild


A Marketing Manager is responsible for devising and leading marketing campaigns to promote a production, venue or company. They may work in liaison with a Press/PR Manager to ensure maximum exposure and will report to the producer – the client – on a frequent basis. 


  • Planning and developing bespoke marketing campaigns for clients – from individual artists to companies, theatres and specific shows
  • Identifying the right target markets and unique selling points
  • Finding the right mix of activity to give standout coverage for the client in a highly competitive and busy market place

Key Skills

  • Excellent analytical skills, interpreting sales trends and audience patterns
  • Strong understanding of financial statistics to assess marketing techniques
  • Ability to think creatively and problem solve
  • Good communication skills with people at all levels, managing a range of personalities


Many people that work in theatre marketing didn’t train for a career following that path but may have had a production background instead, or may have spent time working in a box office or ticketing agency. It is sometimes more important to understand the areas that feed into the marketing mix rather than having a pure marketing degree. Experience in a junior role in PR, ticketing, marketing, media buying or a creative agency could help gain valuable insight. 


Other courses are available. Those above represent a sample from various drama schools and universities.

Further Reading

  • Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy, 1963