Production Manager

Get insights from Production Manager Paul Handley

“If a Production Manager does their work well, without being too distracted by the inevitable tensions that the limited resources of time and money always create, they can really set the tone for the whole production and enable a Creative Team – designers, directors, actors – to do their best job.”

Paul Handley


The Production Manager is concerned with the practical and logistical elements of a production, liaising with and co‑ordinating the work of the various departments to ensure a production is delivered within budget and to schedule.


  • Setting budgets, in liaison with the Producer, and supervising expenditure.
  • Selecting and negotiating with appropriate suppliers and contractors.
  • Recruiting technical staff as necessary.
  • Planning schedules and ensuring departments deliver work on time.
  • Overseeing all the technical elements of a production.

Key Skills

  • Excellent organisation and planning.
  • Good at problem solving, particularly under pressure.
  • Good with figures, with regard to budgeting.
  • Diplomacy and tact when dealing with conflicting demands.


There are many different routes into Production Management but most involve starting backstage and comprehensively learning the technical aspects of production.

Some Production Managers follow a career pathway through Stage Management, gaining invaluable skills and experiences within the rehearsal room regarding the practicalities of staging a production.

Production Managers often progress to larger venues and bigger productions as their skills increase. Some become producers. 


Other courses are available. Those above represent a sample from various drama schools and universities.