Box Office Manager

Get insights from Box Office Manager Hannah Weatherall

“The Box Office Manager’s job is really just to be responsible for the entire box office. At my theatre that’s five clerks and two Deputy Box Office Managers.

The main responsibilities are selling tickets to customers and ticket agents, customer service and keeping a good relationship with the producers of each show, making sure they’re happy with everything that’s going on.”

Hannah Weatherall


A Box Office Manager oversees the ticket sales at a venue, supervising a team of Box Office Assistants with the support of an Assistant Manager. They work closely with the Theatre Manager in responding to the audience, answering customer queries in person and also over the telephone and online. 


  • Analysing ticket sales
  • Writing sales reports
  • Balancing takings on a daily basis
  • Managing Box Office Team
  • Drawing up staff rotas
  • If based within a producing theatre, occasionally working with the Press & Marketing Officer/Department to devise a marketing strategy for a show with low ticket sales

Key Skills

  • Excellent numeracy
  • Excellent communication, both verbally and in writing
  • Good at managing people
  • Highly motivated and well organised
  • Good time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Computer literate with experience of computerised ticketing systems


Box Office Managers often start as Box Office Assistants, from where they progress to Deputy Manager. Here they receive a good foundation in customer service, dealing with the general public through ticket sales and answering queries.