| Rehearsal Diary

Week Four

The aim of this week is to work through the play twice, in order to start piecing together the scenes to create a ‘whole’. We have, therefore, scheduled the rehearsals to look at three or four scenes running concurrently. This gives a great sense of the sections of the play, tonally, for the actors and also for the Creative Team.

theatre rehearsals in a rehearsal room
Henry V rehearsals. Photo: Marc Brenner

Another area that we focused on this week was precision with lines. Michael was keen that any repeated mistakes in the learning of a line were pointed out to the actor. This is particularly important because this is the week to kick the habit!

By mid-week we’ve managed to work through the whole play once and have made a start on running the first six scenes. We’ve also been continuing understudy rehearsals and these are progressing well. By the end of the week we’ve discussed the modern-day translations and also blocked each scene according to what’s been done in the main rehearsals.