| Rehearsal Diary

Week Four

At this stage the shape of the play is really coming together. However, we have two more cast members to add: Chris Chan and Sadou Ueda. Chris and Sadou have been cast as Lee and Cheng respectively – the silent observers who take in every word of the British soldiers they serve. Ignored, sometimes humiliated – always underestimated – Lee and Cheng plot and plan against their colonisers and ultimately triumph in the emergence of modern-day Singapore.

actors during theatre rehearsals
Privates on Parade rehearsals

Having no lines of dialogue, Chris and Sadou have a unique challenge to ensure their characters are not ignored by the audience, as they are by the other characters. They need to be menacing yet unassuming, intriguing but not distracting. It’s a challenge they have instantly risen to and they’ve slotted seamlessly into the company.